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What we learn!

Reading readiness- oral language development, discrimination of letter sounds,

pattern recognition, identification of letters, ability to recognize rhyming words,

express stories and past experiences, discover that reading can be a great source

of pleasure and fun.

Math readiness- concepts of big and small, few and many, more than and less than, basic

numbers 1-10 and 1-100; telephone numbers and addresses.

Art-primary and secondary colors, cutting, gluing, painting, seasonal themes and personal


Science- lessons consist of experiments and experiences. It also involves investigation,

manipulating and listening. The children will be introduced to pets, plants, planets, the

changing seasons, the five senses and night and day. Opportunities are endless in science.

Music-The children are introduced to songs and musical instruments, concepts of rhythm

(fast and slow), pitch (high and low), and volume (loud and soft). The children are

encouraged to participate in dancing and rhythm during circle time and during large motor activities.

Free Play

Story Time

outdoor play

Clean Up

circle time

Instructional activities




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