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When your child comes home messy?!

Red paint in hair? Blue paint on jeans? Peanut butter on their favorite shirt?

White socks that look brown? Sleeves a little bit damp?

Your Child Probably

Worked with a friend

Solved a problem

Created a masterpiece

Negotiated a difference

Learned a new skill

Developed a new language skill

And had a FABULOUS day!

Your Child Probably

Didn't Feel lonely

Become bored

Do repetitive tasks that were too easy

Do seat work that is discouraging

You Probably

Paid good money for those clothes

Will have trouble getting the red paint out and are not concerned that

the teacher didn't pay enough attention to your child

The Teacher Probably

Was aware of your child's needs and interests

Spent time planning a challenging activity for your child

Encouraged your child to try new and adventurous things

Put a smock on your child

Was worried that you might be concerned

We thank you for all of your support and understanding. Most of all, we thank you for sharing your babies with us. We will love, hug, nurture and educate them as if they were our own. Our door is always open. God Bless!

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